box: arquitectos
box: arquitectos

box: arquitectos

Founded in 2007 in Lisbon, with a strong connection to Ponta Delgada, the box is based on creative, possibly unexpected, foundations capable of questioning pre-instituted architectural concepts and words.

Using an original language, the studio thoroughly explores the dialogue between form, place and function, in order to reach the explanation of man on the site. The rigor of the scale with the proportion ratio is the obsessive theme in the dynamics of the studio's architectural project.

We are not concerned with the difference, we are concerned with the monotonous speech of normality.

The “creative box” box: architects, assumes a fascination with formal and spatial experimentalism, based on a technical approach that is inseparable from the act of designing.

It is part of the nature of the box, the constant search for archetypes, that explain and represent the evolution the “act” of inhabiting the philosophical and human space, in a cultural and sociological understanding of the universe.

We therefore depend on the constant challenge to our capacity to overcome, in the approach of the paradigm of architecture.

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