BUUR | bureau for urbanism

Architects from Leuven, Belgium
BUUR stands for ‘bureau for urbanism’. It is the name used by a group of motivated young urban designers based in Leuven (B).

BUUR is specialised in urban design in the broadest sense. Masterplanning, construction of public space (including infrastructure and landscape) and spatial planning are the main disciplines in which the team is active. These activities are often supplemented by spatial project management, support in policy-making and urban development research.

Specialisation in the field of activity is a conscious choice, inspired by an all-encompassing desire for quality and competence. BUUR works together with other specialised teams for multi-disciplinary assignments, in this way the most relevant know-how can be utilised for that particular project.

BUUR is an acronym. In Dutch, BUUR means ‘neighbour’. Thus it is also the appropriate expression of our commitment with regard to the city as a social network, the urbanized environment as a qualitative and future-oriented living environment.
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BUUR | bureau for urbanism Belgium
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