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Ca' belli4U

Ca' belli4U

Architects from n-a, Italy
Ca'Belli is a company recently,
was born in Urbino in 2000, are part of a group of young designers from different cultures and work experience but with a common element: a strong local identity, which over time has brought each of them to absorb main experiences of Montefeltro.
Here the historical and cultural heritage still plays a key role in training and human growth, with an influence that may have few other places. People and places have given rise to an idea of culture, craft and art.
That's how the concept of classical-contemporary lamps as light sculptures, minimal, where the precious materials merges smoothly with the search for solutions technologically daring.
Views on the pages of the catalog or better yet in showrooms in Milan, Paris, Berlin, lamps Ca'Belli testify to the originality and continuing research, but regardless of the winding mode, pursuing the thread of an updated contemporary .