Carina Wagenaar
Carina Wagenaar

Carina Wagenaar

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Carina Wagenaar (Alkmaar, 1969) graduated from the Amsterdam School of Fine Arts. Her strong interest in art and fashion with the focus areas; culture, history, nature and religion resulted in surprising designs with various themes.

Particularia in Universalia – Details of the Universe- Carina Wagenaar-

In the age of computers, where mathematicians are able to reduce everything to symmetrical patterns and connections, I go looking for the beauty of human patterns, which I try to sum up to the smallest detail. The works of art articulate the commitments of different concepts on the cutting edge of fashion, art and design, with the angles; nature, culture, history and religion. In a mix I tell a defined visual story of my research into various themes. Scientific research gives us the deepest details. Nature has patterns down to the smallest molecule. I have tried to translate this immortal value to a form of tranquil life in a large and fashionable relic. In the chaos of every day, the symmetry gives us peace. The time spirit, visualized in engaging 3D pattern-stories, displayed in a new and exiting form. From an existing world to a new and unknown one, in which everyone can find his way. It’s the art of zoom in and zoom out. To signalize every little detail as a part of the universe. All together gives a development to its full extent. Perceive from an intuitive feeling, will yield a more than just selfish point of view. The patterns will make you wonder and make you understand the beauty of the processes.

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