CaSA - Colombo and Serboli Architecture
Roberto Ruíz
CaSA - Colombo and Serboli Architecture

CaSA - Colombo and Serboli Architecture

Architects from Carrer Blesa 27, Bajos, Spain
CaSA is an office of architecture established in Barcelona by two Italian architects, Matteo Colombo and Andrea Serboli.

Coming from different backgrounds - Serboli has great experience in landscape architecture and public spaces and have studied and worked in Lisboa and Buenos Aires, while Colombo has studied and worked in Milan and Dublin mainly on housing, retail and interiors - the office offers a wide range of services.
Architecture, interior design, branding and corporate image, are all in our vocabulary, with a philosophy of using the project limits as guidelines, define a strong concept, and maximizing and concentrating resources in few key elements.

CaSA has worked on projects in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Brasil and Sweden.
The studio takes every project as a challenge.