caspar. is an internationally active architecture firm based in Cologne and Hamburg. Originating from the meyerschmitzmorkramer office founded in 2004, the company, managed by Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer, now employs around 100 people.


The architecture of caspar. is shaped by the guiding principle of Maßstab Mensch, the human scale that is determined by people’s needs. It reacts to the digital transformation and regards urban district planning, urban repair and interior design as an opportunity to create individual spaces for optimal human evolvement.


With its research team caspar.esearch the office dedicates itself to current urban development issues. The first lab report "retail in transition" was published in November 2019. caspar. gained international renown for the reconstruction and refurbishment of the Michaelsberg Abbey, Siegburg, which won several awards, including the MIPIM Award 2018 and the MIPIM Special Jury Award.

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