CEEF (Conception et Etudes Européennes de Façades)

CEEF (Conception et Etudes Européennes de Façades)

Engineers from 45 Faubourg Alsace, REMIREMONT, France
Since its beginning in 1988, CEEF took part among a lot of projects such as The European Parliament in Strasbourg, PB12 Tower in La Défense, Crédit Lyonnais Tower in Lille, Bouches du Rhône department’ offices in Marseille, etc.

CEEF achieves a turnover between 700k€ & 1000k€ and employs 4 qualified engineer and technicians who work on specific operations.

The specificity of our company is our ability to intervene for a large number of missions both in renovation and in buildings construction, and thus take part in the development of the facades’ concept until the definition of the constructive details, very often specialized, that ensue.

From the diagnosis of the existing building, for project ownership or project management assistance throughout conception studies or material researches, CEEF is positioned both on window systems and curtain walls, and on facades, skylights or porches.

CEEF contributes to enhance experience on issues that require advanced know-how and high technology.
Because nowadays, and no matter what buildings emerge (towers, offices, housing, hospitals, schools, museums,…); issues related to outer shells are becoming very important either for the aesthetic quality of the building or for energy efficiency considerations.

Recommendations in terms of HQE® (High Environmental Quality certification) and our willingness to fit into the sustainable development conditions imply evolution in the choice of materials and techniques we advise, which are the main sources of energy savings.

Our design office activity specialized in building envelopes spreads out to the whole France and other countries of the European Community.

Our activity regards lightweight facades, skylights and their structures as well as front facing and thermal insulation.

Our entrusted missions are carried out under a quality control contract.
CEEF intervenes for Project Owners and Prime contractors as consultant, for advisory or reporting missions. Expertises that we carry out concerns renovation works, damages relating to completion guarantee or 10-year guarantee insurance and audit missions entrusted by Project Owners.

CEEF also intervenes in the examination of files assigned by C.S.T.B (French Technical & Scientific Building Committee) in the context of ATEX (technical experimentations appraisals).

Our work must complies with the O.P.Q.I.B.I qualification standards. We actually hold the qualifications regarding façade, skylights and thermal insulation.

CEEF design office is certified to study projects requiring BBC, HQE, BREAM and LEED labels.

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