Manufacturers from Studio 39, London, United Kingdom
Cembrit Ltd understands that building clients and their decision makers need to realise their vision with reliable building products that installers find straightforward and accessible.

The specialist knowledge Cembrit has at its disposal allows it to identify versatile products from around the world and make them available to the UK construction industry. The most recent addition to Cembrit’s range of specialist building boards is Cembrit PB. This lightweight, render and tilebacker board is designed to minimise cracking of the decorative coating through the clever use of reinforcement in the board’s manufacturing process combined with low moisture and thermal movement.

The new “flex” version of Cembrit PB takes its versatility one stage further by allowing the designer to create curved surfaces which can be decorated, creating a monolithic or tiled finish that is truly eye-catching!

Cembrit building boards
Although largely unseen and certainly not decorative these unsung boards are amongst the most fundamental components of modern construction. With many years of manufacturing experience at their Finnish factory Cembrit have supplemented their range with other quality boards to satisfy specific functions. The Cembrit range addresses particular requirements that often cannot be met by commonly used gypsum or wood based panelling or partitioning.

Cembrit HD (heavy duty) is an impact resistant board designed for demanding agricultural and industrial uses. It is well able to cope with the wear and tear experienced in large public or commercial buildings. Where there is large traffic volume, areas within buildings of high occupancy or routes to the outside requiring fire rating, Cembrit FR (fire rated) sheets are the ideal solution.

Distributors and stockists will find it cost effective to order a selection of Cembrit boards to be delivered together. The more specialist boards can be supplemented by Cembrit multi-purpose, easy to cut and drill yet tougher than most boards commonly used for partitioning. Although specialist products, Cembrit boards are surprisingly competitively priced.

Complementing Cembrit’s product knowledge is their commitment to serving the needs of all those in the supply chain whose role is getting the materials onto the building. Excellent products are no use if they are unavailable. Cembrit’s service philosophy is best exemplified local structure. Cembrit have 5 depots around Britain from which deliveries can be made with minimum lead times. These depots are also sources of technical support and advice on all issues which impact the design, specification and installation of building products.

Product Range
Cembrit is probably best known as suppliers of top quality double lap slates both natural and fibre cement, which offer various formats, colours and surface effects. Its broad range provides clients the choice of authenticity and traditional random effect of natural slate or the consistent, sleek finish combined with the ease of handling of fibre cement slates.

Cembrit’s large format cladding ranges together with Cembrit sheathing boards on the internal skin are ideal for rainscreen applications on health, education and multi dwelling constructions due to the combination of colour, ability to incorporate current insulation standards and reduced on-site time.

Cemsix fibre cement corrugated sheeting is the traditional roofing and cladding sheet for agricultural and industrial buildings. Rust and rot proof with a superior colouration process Cembrit corrugated sheet is ideal for single skin constructions in aggressive environments.

As a subsidiary of a multi-national roofing and cladding manufacturer, Cembrit Holding A/S, our products are supported by the accreditations and quality assurance systems you would expect.