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Chicca Orlando

Manufacturers from Via Ricasoli, 11, Casarano, Italy
It was amidst the opulent beauty of southern Italy, amidst the fascination of a timeless place where values are respected and shared, that Chicca Orlando was set up in 1950 as a small, family-run artisan business with time-honoured, deep local roots.
In the narrow, mediaeval streets of the small southern town of Casarano, the wind once carried the Salento seamstresses’ songs as they worked busily and with dedicated passion until dusk. Here, Chicca Orlando established a business enterprise centred on its legacy of the sartorial art and a pursuit of beauty as its founding values.
The principles underpinning its unceasing, passion-driven production of artistic textiles are a blend of ancient and modern, innovation and tradition, reproducing timeless beauty and style codes with a fresh, new look.
Now a successful, international business, Chicca Orlando has established itself at the forefront of the textile and furnishing sectors. Its brand has acquired a strong identity as a symbol of the luxury and prestige of world-renowned superior Italian creativity and manufacturing.

Amidst the historical and artistic magnificence of Lecce's Baroque style and the silence of the centuries-old olive trees that add special beauty to the extreme south of Italy, Chicca Orlando's creations express the company's determination to show the world the essence of an ancient, unique skill, the seamstress's art.
Every day the company's busy workshops hum with the seamstresses' unique creativity, the fruit of each woman's inner qualities, their technical skills and their extraordinary manual dexterity, which they use to make something splendid, unique, like no other.
Chicca Orlando has always shown particular respect for its staff in pursuing its corporate objectives. This forms the foundations of its philosophy, which is as always driven by a concept of “integral quality”, a people-friendly company seen as an extended family.
Annarita is the company's founder and its production manager. Her daughters, Manuela and Federica work in the creative and sales departments and her husband, Donato, manages internationalisation processes and strategic and operational marketing.
The enduring appeal of this family story has been handed down through several generations because of an uncompromising determination to imbue the company with a human side, the warmth and dynamism that give an industry a soul.

Chicca Orlando's mission is to offer the most sophisticated collections of furnishing fabrics and accessories made utilising outstanding Italian artisan skills and state-of-the-art technology, the finest materials and a wide variety of luxury finishing details.
These unique collections are a tribute to the exquisite Italian sense of beauty, to artisan mastery and a meticulous focus on details, thus giving a new look to the typical, elegant Italian taste in home furnishings. These products are designed for people who love beauty, appreciate refined, eclectic solutions and seek excellence, elegance and timeless products.

We at Chicca Orlando apply the finest sewing skills to a selection of exclusively-made luxury fabrics in multiple colour versions.
Continuous materials research sustains the extreme refinement of our materials, which is how raw silk, shantung, linen, organza, tulle and velvet – embellished and bordered with exclusive embroidery – become something “other”, the fruit of creativity and design.
All the collections seek to offer a wide choice. They are updated year after year in an expression of groundbreaking, bold entrepreneurship and of an innovative, contemporary furnishing range in keeping with a lifestyle that embraces both tradition and modernity.
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Via Ricasoli, 11, Casarano, Italy

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