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The striking characteristic of Christian Müller Architects is an unusual imaginative flexibility in project-approach. Contents are demerged, exposed and fused again with ease. We allow us to be formed by modern art, literature and travels. +++ With a pragmatic attitude we push forward our ambition of working on today’s challenging urban and architecture developments. +++ We team up with other architecture firms to deploy knowledge directly. In an experimental way we started to collaborate with other young architecture firms at the end of the 1990s. We aimed to share experience and assemble knowledge among offices of comparable size and ambition. Nowadays the ways of collaboration are multifarious and diverse. We team up with small and large offices, in project lead and/or support, in managing a process or providing a specific design input. This results in innovative forms of collaboration with many advantages for both sides involved. +++ Christian Müller Architects is liberated from working at an office portfolio. We enjoy concentrating on the work which is divergent in scale and usage. Each project is unique, each process different, each solution provided reflects the style appropriate to the challenge set.
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