CITRICARQUITECTURA & dba Cítrica,is a Monterrey City-based Architecture + Corporate Real Estate Management + Property&Facility Management Office. In short, we are a Multidisciplinary Consultancy in Architecture and Urban Development. We work with devotion and synergy from Monterrey, Nuevo León & Torreón, Coahuila; México. 9 years of experience in the real estate market. In 2011 the Citrica brand was created, developing Architecture and Management divided in three departments for the private and public sectors. - Development of Architectural and Executive Projects and Real Estate and investment promotion - Corporate Real Estate Administration Projects - Construction and Integrated Facility management [IFM] CITRICARQUITECTURA, dba Cítrica is an Architecture Studio born from the multidisciplinary projects developed. We combine architecture and urbanism with our society. Our high-standard human resources constantly work on solution providing and architectural projects. Our client’s needs have transformed us in a positive way, so in 2011 the Architecture Design Department started as dba Cítrica in Monterrey and Torreón. Together, both departments provide the client with a complete set of services during the design and building phases. Dba Citrica has developed projects in the private and public sectors, beginning with one-client and urban action projects also provided by contests. For dba Cítrica collaboration and team work are important and form a part of our day to day philosophy enriching our relationships with building and engineering companies, construction managers or developers. CITRICARQUITECTURA is always willing to have an open fan of possibilities, enthusiastic to work with other Studios; for us “co-laboration” is a great matter. We solve our costumer’s needs, which are our start point. We study their requirements, solve their problems, and give solutions on paper and mind; we analyze the material possibilities of building the solutions. We project, but also persuade. We truly believe that architecture and its solutions come along. We project form general to particular, the materials and structural solutions are a must. We are committed with the main IDEA during the whole project and its perpetuity.
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