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Provocation... Astonishment... Emotion... Desire... How to renew the concept of bathroom, realizing new furnishing proposals with the peculiar feature of a modern and unique design, which collocates Cogliati ... Cogliati among the best trade marks of contemporary design, distinguishing itself from the now ordinary and old fashioned concept of "bathroom. Designing glass ... redesigning the bathroom ... Realizing furnishing objects with a new and unusual design, where creation meets technology; where experience and innovation are enhanced, where the harmonious shape fuses with the transparency of materials. The whole Cogliati ... Cogliati collection, out of the ordinary and strongly full of character, has been designed by Giuseppe Viganò. Cogliati ... Cogliati is a trade mark of VETRARIA COGLIATI Srl, a reliable and leading company with 40 years experience in working glass, in the field of furnishing and building trade. The brand Cogliati ... Cogliati has been set up to tell a story of continuity in a new business area: the historical glass-works VETRARIA COGLIATI which opens on the new horizons of furnishing contemporary design, strong with its experience and high technology in working glass, inventing new transparencies. The technological development at disposal of creativeness and quality. The whole machinery of last generation, regularly updated; the investments aimed to keep pace with the still more complex innovations required by the market. numerically controlled work system for glass grindingautomatic glass varnishing linewater cutting glass line - automatic glass moving and lifting line for big glass sheets 3,21 m. x 6 m. - water cutting glass line for sheets 3,20 m. x 2 m. - automatic glass varnishing line - numerically controlled work system for glass grinding - double glazing glass line - vertical drill for big glass sheets
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