Coletivo Arquitetos
Coletivo Arquitetos

Coletivo Arquitetos

Architects from Rua General Jardim, 703 - CJ. 21, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Cesar Coppola and Daniela Coppola started their own architectural firm in 2000, shortly after graduating in Architecture and Urbanism at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo. Hungry for knowledge and seeking professional development, Cesar went to Europe to study contemporary architecture, while Daniela did graduate from the Fundação Armando Alvarez Penteado.
In 2004 they joined a group of architects, classmates and teachers to develop a project for a chain of stores with Bernardes + Jacobsen Architecture, starting a solid partnership that would last a decade.

In 2005, they founded Coletivo Architects, a firm focused on partnership and collaboration in pursuit of excellence in architecture. The work of Coletivo Architects is defined by a creative approach grounded in art and good living, technical and practical rigour in design, meticulous attention to detail and close supervision of the entire process.
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