Collstrop Garden

Collstrop Garden

Manufacturers from WAREGEM, Belgium
Why choose Collstrop?

25-year guarantee

Collstrop Garden manufactures problem-free garden timber, with a 25-year guarantee against dry rot and insects. The secret behind the exceptional durability of Collstrop garden products lies above all in the choice of the right types of wood. Along with exotic hardwood with a natural durability of at least 25 years, Collstrop exclusively uses Nordic pine from sustainably managed forests. This is because compared with whitewood, for example, pine can be impregnated into its core. This impregnation is performed in our own watering stations.

Wide range

Collstrop Garden timber products combine functionality with charming designs. You can choose from smooth, modern, elegant, playful or timeless classic.

Made to measure

Collstrop Garden offers a unique customisation service. For a number of products such as gates, screens or carports, our customisation department creates a precise technical diagram and a detailed cost proposal based on your design. A personalised solution for any project!

Collstrop, a Cras wood group brand

Collstrop Garden is a brand name of the Cras wood group. This Belgian family company has been around since 1878 and imports wood and plywood from all corners of the globe. At its headquarters in Waregem, this wood is transformed into huge parquet, façade covering, construction wood and much more. Under the name of Collstrop Garden, the company manufactures a wide range of garden timber with a 25-year guarantee against damage through dry rot, mould or insects. Collstrop Garden has a distribution network that stretches out over most of Europe.
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