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Context Studio

Architects from Belfast / Sligo, Ireland
Context Studio was established in 2011 by Ivor Hession and Ray Mc Nally.
The studio came about through a evolutionary process from friends debating architectural theories to the pair undertaking projects on a casual basis while studying, these included the initial stages of the Studio House and "Boundaries of Belonging" and project for Sligo Culture night 2010. After Ivor finished his MArch the pair decided to start Context studio on a formal basis.

Context Studio strives to be innovative; not only in our design but in the way we work. Social engagement is key to our process and we view this as a vital starting point to meet the client/end user’s needs. We look for new ways in which to create, fund and commission architecture through a collaborative process where all parties are engaged

We believe that architecture should not be for architectures sake, but a means to better the social landscape. Good architecture and design is not for the elite but is for all. We endeavour to create cost effective architecture and design which allows everyone to inhabit space which inspires them and acts as a stage on which to live their lives.

Environmental design is a key area that we believe must be engaged with to ensure architecture is an effective part of society in the future. Environmental design does not have to be complex or expensive, but requires a firm understanding of the key principles.
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