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Copper in Design

Manufacturers from 7181 Yonge Street, Markham, ON L3T 0C7, Canada
Copper in Design proudly presents an exclusive line of high-end aged copper for use in luxury interior and exterior architecture.

Our product is custom-made and each piece is carefully handcrafted in a unique texture and colour, giving it a stunning look. It started with the idea to simulate the natural process that copper takes to age in nature that brought us on a journey of complicated processes and trial and error, which led to our patented formulation of an organic environmental-friendly process.

Copper has earned a respected place in architecture and interior design. From cathedrals to castles and from homes to offices, copper is used for a variety of architectural elements. The history of copper in architecture can be linked to its durability, corrosion resistance, prestigious appearance, and ability to form complex shapes. For centuries, craftsmen and designers utilized these attributes to build aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting building features.

Copper has a recognized place in Canadian history. The Inuinnait are also known as the Copper Inuit because of their extensive use of artifacts made from native copper. Traditionally, hunting weapons including arrows, harpoons and spear heads, and tools such as knife blades and chisels were formed from copper and utilized for personal use and for trade with other nations. Along our process, freezing winters contributed to unique textures and patterns being formed on our copper sheets, which bears a resemblance to those of Inuit’s copper artifacts.
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