Corinne Vezzoni and associés
Corinne Vezzoni and associés

Corinne Vezzoni and associés

In January 2000 Corinne Vezzoni created the limited-liability architects’ agency Corinne Vezzoni et associés in the La cité radieuse, together with Pascal Laporte with whom she had been working since the 1990s. Maxime Claude, a team member from the beginning, became an associate in 2007. Born in 1964, Corinne Vezzoni graduated from the École d’architecture de Marseille, starting her studies there in 1987 after a childhood in Morocco. To date the core activity of the agency has focused on public regional and national competitions. The type of work varies widely, covering schools (lycées), cultural facilities (Bouches-du-Rhône Departmental archives), medical facilities (Ehpad), infrastructure equipment (Marignane Airport, Marseille Tramway, La Fourragère Interconnecting Hub), habitat (student housing, single-family homes), the tertiary sector (Euromed Centre), etc. Corinne Vezzoni lectures at the Université de Provence in the planning & development programme and is also guest lecturer at the École polytechnique de Marseille Château Gombert and at the École d’architecture de Marseille-Luminy. Outside France, she was visitor lecturer in 1998 at ILAUD de Sienne and in 2006 and 2008 at the Biennale de Venise international gatherings. Her other activities include consulting (as consultant architect for the Bouches-du-Rhône CAUE from 1998 to 2002) and study missions (as a guest member of the CESR “perspective et development” commission from 2009 to 2014). She was named member of the Académie d’architecture in 2011 and participates in competition juries.
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