Cremasco Illuminazione

Cremasco Illuminazione

Manufacturers from Via Ronchi, 86, 35010 Loreggia, Italy
Born in 1972, Cremasco Illuminazioni – Italian lightings company based in Veneto region – has the pleasure to introduce you to its lamps and chandeliers, belonging to the typical handcrafted Venetian lightings tradition.

We are one of the few remaining to represent the best Italian artisan craftsmanship. All our items are made with care and passion and enhanced by small distinctive traits, which are now reserved exclusively for Venetian master craftsmen who use traditional techniques that have almost disappeared.

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We strongly treasure our artisan heritage, addressing our production to the most original custom-built solutions.

Our market orientation reflects almost five decades of history, long-lasting values and great expertise at the service of our customers aiming at satisfying their most specific requests. Thanks to our extensive experience, we provide our clients with the best solutions in order to light-up internal and external spaces.

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Cremasco Illuminazione
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Via Ronchi, 86, 35010 Loreggia, Italy