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We have been based in Raynes Park, London, for the past two years. CSarchitects design and manage projects primarily in the residential developments, commercial design and construction work. Our practice philosophy is to produce design solutions that are at one imaginative, creative and appropriate in response to the clients requirements. CSarchitects was formed late in 2009 to provide a well rounded service to clients. Our experience and increasing portfolio of projects has meant that we have learnt to listen to the planners, the structural engineers, the contractor and most of all, our clients. As the whole process is a team effort, undertaken over several months in most cases, together we can communicate our ideas and requirements to respond and develop client briefs. CSarchitects acknowledge that construction and planning are to play a key role to achieve a reduction to our collective carbon footprint, and to minimise the environmental impact establishing more sustainable methods of living. Sustainability is at the heart of the practice philosophy to contribute to the coming heritage that is the built environment, be it refurbishment or new build projects. We are passionate that this should be achieved through a pragmatic approach by the whole design team and all projects should embrace low energy.
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