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Organized in 2005, CUBE design + research is an award-winning full service architecture and design firm that believes intelligent design has the power to inspire people in their daily lives. Inherent to this mission is the exploratory research we undertake with our clients in each project. Thoughtful questioning and listening enables us to understand the story of each client, community, culture and environment. Working at this intersection of design and research, we create buildings and spaces that are simultaneously functional and innovative, conceptually grounded and personal. Our clients are curious people who want unique solutions to buildings and spaces. From people to place, we approach each project with an intense level of focus and individuality regardless of size. We bring fresh ideas to everyday projects and solve challenging projects with nimble innovative thinking. By thoroughly analyzing constraints we are able to bring to life latent opportunities that integrate brands, stimulate interactive experiences and encourage users to observe space, light and material in unanticipated ways. We value craft in the act of making architecture. By working closely with builders and fabricators, we seek precise execution and efficiency. Sustainable design and construction knowledge are a fundamental responsibility, not a specialty, and are integral to our process. Public interest design is inherent to our practice. Whether we are renovating a residence or designing a commercial building, we realize what we do always has an impact on the community. Co-founding partners Chris Johns and Jason Hart have worked together in architecture for nearly 20 years. To date, CUBE has realized projects from $5,000 play structures to $4million adaptive reuse buildings. CUBE is now endeavoring to build markets in both the Northeast and Southeast. Chris and Jason continue to design each project together both in person and remotely and are able to draw upon collective resources. They maintain active teaching positions and public service.
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