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Daliform Group srl since 2009 inherited the prestigious and exclusive patrimony of knowledge and skills from Daliform srl of Pordenone, which has been characterised since 1993 by its ability to create advanced construction products in recycled products in order to finally resolve the problem of rising humidity as well as the concentration of Radon gas emerging from the subsurface.
This entrepreneurial initiative was initiated in the early 90's due to a law from the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (number 44 dated 23 August 1985) that, for the first time in Italy, regulated in detail the obligation to use ventilated under-floor cavities due to the strong concentration of Radon gas in the region.

In comparison to traditional implementations (low walls and hollow blocks or attic) Daliform srl proposed its own innovative and revolutionary system of IGLU’ formworks that was met with clamorous success in a short period of time.

Today, Daliform Group, is a leading company in creating and manufacturing plastic products for the construction industry.
With its highly qualified team of engineers, the company continues being “a breeding ground of widely successful innovations”; innovations that have considerably improved construction methods over the past two decades with particular reference to ventilated under-floor cavities (IGLU’® and ATLANTIS, lightened bidirectional (U-BOOT BETON®) and single-direction (U-BAHN BETON®) slabs to vehicle accessible lawns (PRATOPRATICO®, E.C.O. Pratopratico®, Easy Park®, Easy Ride, V-Green®). Daliform Group is always in the forefront, ready to enthusiastically take on tomorrow's challenges.
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