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Roll forming machines and Systems: Dallan Technology for Excellence

For over thirty five years Dallan has been designing, manufacturing and installing precision rollformers and systems for the processing of sheet metal products, starting from sheet metal coils. Dallan’s experience and machine quality are known worldwide, across five continents and 75 countries. Dallan Company is a benchmark for the production of machines and systems for first class profiles for interior finishing, sun shading, HVAC, metal furniture, lighting and much more (see section "Premium Applications"). Also, thanks to our specialization in pre-painted and pre-finished materials, we study and create together with our customers turnkey systems to manufacture finished products complete with punching, bending and packaging.

Since 1978 Dallan has been manufacturing a complete range of metal sheet processing machines and plants, customized in accordance with the Customers’ request.
We handle each aspect of the making of your products, starting from the uncoiling of the metal sheet, up to the punching, bending, finishing and packing of the product.
Our proven and reliable technologies, inserted into highest quality systems, guarantee the value of your investment over time.

DALCOS is the DALLAN division specialised in the manufacture of coil punching machines (automatic coil punching machines), flexible punching lines and coil fed laser cutting systems.
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