Manufacturers from Uilenbaan 86, Wommelgem, Belgium
Parsonage, manor or cottage style? A modern apartment? Our exclusive range of door, window and furniture fittings will meet all your requirements, whether it concerns a renovation or a new construction projects.

Dauby only works with natural materials, such as bronze, white bronze, Britannium metal and cast iron. The authentic fittings are casted in sand moulds and are further refined by hand. Every piece is unique and sets itself apart from other everyday mass-produced fittings.

Use the same design features throughout your entire residence, because details make perfection, but perfection is not a detail.

Authentic casting process

This process creates little imper¬fections and makes every piece unique. This way it sets itself apart from other everyday mass-produced fittings.

Why Dauby?

- Create the same warm feeling throughout your entire home. From the front door to you furniture.

- The natural materials that are used are recycable. For instance, bronze is 99% recycable.

- We work with alloy such as bronze, white bronze and iron. This creates a timeless look.

- No varnish is used, allowing the material to evolve in its natural way?. The older the fittings, the more authenticity you get.

Our principles

If you are looking for a sales outlet in your neighbourhood, please contact us, because not all sales outlets stock our complete collection.

It may be that a sales outlet does not stock the collection that interests you.

We work with exclusive, selected distributors.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you.