Architects from Talstraße 1, Elben/Ww, Germany
Architecture for all Senses
Anyone who enters a DAVINCI HAUS, finds himself in an architectural experience full of light and transparency: full height large scale glazing together with an open space concept create an open space perspective for all the senses. Living here will give you an inspirational view to life. Nature and seasons become permanent guests who make, through the change of light and shadow, new daily living situations.

Openness and Transparency
Nobody is excluded out in the kitchen or living room here! Where it makes sense to do it, rooms will be opened and joined. The slender post + beam construction creates spaces without ripping the uses apart. Living becomes an interaction between us, nature and the four seasons. The need for structural walls is removed, they simply become design elements. This allows the expansive glazing to be used, providing a DAVINCI HAUS with its typical lightness and transparency.

Constructive Clarity
There is a system here: Behind the perfect and openness of the post + beam architecture there lies decades of experience and passion. The main feature is the post + beam construction which is reduced to a minimum and becomes in itself a design element. Slender and elegant at the same time, the clear lines give a DAVINCI HAUS the typical architectural clarity of a truly modern classic which does not deny its origins from centuries of true craftsmanship.

Timeless Modernism meets Tradition
There is a lot of traditional craftsmanship in each and every detail. With great energy posts and beams are brought together in such a way to create an organic whole. Strenuous effort is put into the various layers of staining and sanding down of the surface finishes, shadow lines are set and the smallest of joints are sealed creating the clear lines of the timber construction, the typical signature of a DAVINCI HAUS.

Uniqueness and Quality
Also typical is the uniqueness. The well thought through concept, which DAVINCI HAUS uses as a foundation, allows our Architects to take the wishes and requirements of our Clients on board. No one building is the same as another. Each house is as individual as each Client but with common denominator – the unsurpassed quality produced by DAVINCI HAUS.