Since 1989, our company has benefited from regional know-how in the metalworking trades, manufacturing brass door handles. The first locksmiths in the Vimeu region appeared in the 18th century. Apparently, all of them inherited from a craftsman known as Maquennehen, who was extremely skilled in locksmithing. Over the years, the techniques improved and locks and other decorative hardware came into fashion in Paris. At DCG Picardie, we are deeply dedicated to a concern to fulfill the needs of our customers. Located in the heart of the Vimeu region, we draw on the benefits of local know-how in a variety of trades like: foundry, metal cutting, polishing and surface treatment WE ARE MANUFACTURERS Over the years, we have built up vast experience in manufacturing decorative parts of molten brass and using other processes. Thanks to our know-how, and a particularly wide range intended for building, furnishings and decorations, we have built up unrivaled renowned among the major specialized distributors and hardware outlets. Manufacturing is flexible, extending from small to large runs, and tailor-made projects, addressing every demand of our customers. TAILOR-MADE AND SINGLE PARTS OF BRASS We can work from a drawing or a model to produce a unique item for you! Depending on the complexity of the objects, we will use lost wax, cast-iron and sand or shell casting methods. The objects will then be deburred, polished and finally treated in the finish you want (polished brass, polished brass coated with varnish, bright nickel plating, mats or satin nickel plating, chrome plating, brushed chrome plating, architectural bronze, gunmetal etc...)
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