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Pekso Precast are both the manufacturer and supplier of a range of structural building products. Pekso Precast’s business is split into three divisions: - Floors and walls - Polystyrene products - Reinforcement Steel The flooring and walling division offers the Thermobeam flooring, Twin Wall system and several precast concrete floors among others the Lattice Plate Floor (Omnia). The Lattice Plate Flooring system combines the speed of construction of precast with convenience and flexibility of in-situ concrete. Each Plate Flooring panel consists of made to measure steel mesh, lattice girders and high quality concrete. The Lattice Plate Floor innovative flooring solution can provide significant savings comparing with other flooring methods. Pekso Precast has 2 offices, the sales office is located in Terneuzen in the South of The Netherlands and a Lattice Plate Flooring factory is in Oosterhout East of Terneuzen. The Oosterhout factory is one of the most modern precast flooring production facilities inEurope. Pekso Precast’s production facility has the capacity to produce up to 1,000,000m2 of specifically designed Lattice Plate Flooring to be supplied to the construction industry of Northern Europe.
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