Dendrolight Latvija Ltd.

Dendrolight Latvija Ltd.

Manufacturers from Ventspils, Latvia
In 2008 Janis Vasuks founded the company Ltd. „Dendrolight Latvija”. His goal was to start the manufacturing of an innovative wood material DendroLight® in Latvia.
The Company is the first and only licensed manufacturer of the DendroLight® material in the world. The rights to use the patent were bought from the Swiss company DendroSolution AG.
In September 2009 began the building of the DendroLight production plant.
In October 2010 began the manufacturing of the DendroLight material in Ventspils.

To become the leading solid wood cellular material – DendroLight® manufacturers in the world by developing innovative and high added value products, by ensuring the most efficient use of wood and by manufacturing environment- and people-friendly materials of good quality.

The company founder Janis Vasuks has more than 30 years of experience in woodworking and building. After the restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia in 1991 he founded one of the first companies in the district of Ventspils – woodworking and construction company “Arbo”. It was the first modern, computerized sawmill in the whole region of Kurzeme. In 1995 the production range of the company was expanded by creating a builders’ carpentry and joinery element, including for the manufacturing of wooden windows and doors. After assessing the development of the building market, with the support of the ERDF (European Regional Development Funds) the high capacity production plant project was implemented, and the manufacturing of solid wood windows and doors continued on a full cycle line developed by Weinig Concept.

Soon after that (2007) started the fully computerized manufacturing of insulating glass units (company “Ekomājas”).
Since 2007 the DendroLight® solid wood cellular plate manufacturing project was implemented with the support of the ERDF.
Ltd. „Dendrolight Latvija” is a young company. It invested a considerable amount of money in the implementation of an innovative project “The development of the DendroLight® solid wood cellular material production plant in Ventspils” in spite of the instable economic situation in Latvia and in the whole world. The goal was to establish a DendroLight® material production plant, so on January 15th, 2008 the businessmen of Ventspils founded Ltd. „Dendrolight Latvija”. In the spring of 2009 in Ventspils, Kustes dambis 30a, there was only a field. Now here stands a 7000 m2 computerized production plant. Approximately 26,5 million Euros were invested in this plant. The unique equipment was especially manufactured in Germany by the wood processing equipment giant Weinig Group AG and in Austria by the Swiss company DendroSolutions AG.

The expanding of the production plant has begun, a two storey building for producing the DendroLight® 3 layer panels is being built. The area of this new building will be 8000 m2 and it will have a covered load space. The DendroLight® cellular material will be used in floor-ceiling panels of the new plant. In comparison with reinforced concrete it is almost five times lighter.

Important facts:
» Ltd. Dendrolight Latvija
» In October 2010 began the manufacturing of the unique DendroLight® wood material
» The only official manufacturer of the DendroLight® material in the world
» Annual plant capacity ~ 120 000 m3 of finished products (cellular material + 3-layer plates)
» Number of employees ~ 40
» Founded on January 15th, 2008
» In 2010 a contract about the purchase of DendroLight® patent usage rights was signed
» Production plant area ~ 7000 m2
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