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Denvelops® is a new patented way to make building fabrics by means of a new system where the wefts (named CONNECTORS) are made cell by cell. These autonomous wefts, and the warps (named LINES) as well, are produced with PCT and TNC technologies. Therefore, a new world is offered where it is possible to control the design of every mesh part, in order for example, to produce a one or two curvatures skin surface, or generate multiple wefts designs according to the needs you have in each cell.

On the other hand, all you need to install a fabric is a “Load Line” placed in the upper level of the project, and some “Blocked Lines” located in lower levels.

Besides, since all the projects are divided into standardized frames sizes, it is possible to make folded “Sequences” using hinges, which increases the installation speed, while its costs reduces.

Denvelops® is ecological since it is a dry construction system which is done -and it is easy installed or uninstalled- with few components.

Discover more about Denvelops® visiting the website sections “Connectors Type” and the Download Area were the “Technical information” of the System is available.
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