Manufacturers from Bergensesteenweg 32, Lot-Brussel, Belgium
The Belgian enterprise Derbigum specializes in energy-saving and energy-producing roof covering materials.The baseline “Making Buildings Smart” reflect perfectly the mission of Derbigum: develop innovative and substainable solutions.
Derbigum wants to develop tailor-made solutions in order for proprietors to save on energy, to decrease the carbon footprint of a building and to produce renewable energy on the roof. A much broader approach than the waterproofing membranes with witch Derbigum made it to a worldplayer.

Roof covering and waterproofing have always been the craftsmanship of DERBIGUM. This expertise is evolving to other aspects and other parts of the building. New markets came in the spotlight via innovative products.

For years now, DERBIGUM is investing in an environmental friendly policy and innovative materials for substainable building. DERBIGUM is constantly developing innovative ideas, concepts, products and systems to offer the builder clever solutions to build/renovate and live energy-efficient . Solutions that allow for example to produce renewable energy on the roof to decrease the costs of energy. At the same time, also solutions that decrease the carbon footprint of our buildings.

For this purpose, DERBIGUM has a team of specialists: DERBIGUM ENERGIES. This is a division in DERBIGUM that groups all specialists on the subject on energy audits, energy savings and production of renewable energy. An economical an ecological all-in solution for an energy efficient management of buildings.

Over the past years, DERBIGUM has invested a lot in R&D. Today, 10 employers work full time on product research and product development. We are ready for a green future. Of course, we do not forget our core business : waterproofing roofs. But we like to take a broader look than only the roof, we want to expand our knowhow to the rest of the building. We want to evolve from supplier of building materials into supplier of investment goods.