Design Center Kielce
Design Center Kielce

Design Center Kielce

Designers from Kielce, Poland
DCK mission is to form liberated, creative space with no cultural or social boundaries, a place for creators and creativity in all areas of design.

DCK is a new experiment shaping its own direction and position in expansive design field in contemporary culture.

The Centre's aim is to develop new avenues for creativity, developments and innovations in all areas of contemporary design by redefining the relationship between the creator, object and its user.

The central idea is to promote and actively participate in the movement that integrates art and design and to build intellectual and practical positions within this territory.

We wish to play a dynamic role in the creative innovation of the material culture and to communicate the interactions between art and design by presenting interpretations of the traditional and modern aesthetics and their relationship to industrial production and one-of-a-kind objects.

We will operate within the paradigm of an international arena, forming new station on the map of global culture, giving the local and foreign designers, artists, architects and ceramists the opportunity to experiment, develop and produce creative designs in ceramic and other materials.

Through the program “Link”, DCK will become a platform for cooperation between designers, artists and producers, connecting the business community with new artistic creation. DCK will also focus its attention on development of the local design activities, supporting creativity and innovativeness in the art and craft products with in the Swietokrzyski Region.

In cooperation with the Kielce Trade Fair, DCK will organize and coordinate various initiatives related to industrial design and product innovation.
We will promote communication and discussions on design, production and marketing with the representatives visiting the Kielce Fair, by holding thematic exhibitions, lectures and presentations, informing how good design can become a stimulant in today’s competitive market.

DCK will engage in formation and developments of the environmental friendly product, supplying new solutions for the people, homes and surroundings with the sustained design and its applications.

Thanks to the large exhibition spaces, conference centre, professional studios and the project rooms intended for a wide range of creative activities, DCK will serve as a new educational and experimental entity in the global design movement.

DCK will offer active exhibition program showing Polish and international artists and designers, and make public presentations of their progressive works which will inspire and raise awareness on the value of the new aesthetics.

We wish to become a place for alternative education where students and graduates seeking their own ways of artistic development will find professional and comfortable space indispensable in the acquisition of knowledge, creativity and the skills.

DCK will build its own design collection, acquiring works of Polish and foreign artists taking part in the Residence program. The collection will be permanently displayed for the visitors showing samples of the final projects conceived and made in DCK.

DCK will generate various projects relating to the life of the city and its inhabitants, and form independent think-tank for a dialogue and discourse on the role of social design and value of art in the public domain.
With cooperation of the municipal design bureau, DCK will become an entity inspiring the formulation of the contemporary urban aesthetics in the city and home for implementation of the artistic and cultural campaigns aimed at stimulating and diversifying our everyday life.

We will be an institution promoting contemporary design, a place with the physical condition for creative process free from everyday struggles, aiming for a higher level of achievements in building the professional careers in ceramic, art and design