Deux Ailes
Deux Ailes

Deux Ailes

Manufacturers from N/A, N/A, Spain
To introduce ourselves, I must tell you that Deux Ailes began its path 27 years ago this year.
The Laurent Beyne workshop builds the base, the matrix, during the first decade and Two Wings applies to the maturation and development of the project the next fifteen years.
Our meticulous progression is complex radiography our priorities, our convictions and our final choice.
These are expressed as a watermark in the flesh of our parts : as the purity of the diamond crystal is not child of chaos, Glass, light and accidentality things are the three children of the water and fire.
They are the material basis of our objects, themselves from a chaos of experience and mastery, invention and implementation.
Before I let you discover the images without voice , or words of our site, I would like to recall that the lamp, which is only there to replace the sun when it is absent, is the symbolic object of our homes.
Little human sun, the lamp is the spiritual purpose of the house, the altitude of the project refers to the height of the task.
Draw a lamp is to invent a small local sun for humans.
Make a lamp, worthy of his office in the midst of civilizational question is to choose between marketing and reproductive authenticity of the object, between ease and difficulty, between aridity and the generosity of the object, Deux Ailes chose. Here is our result today.
Our Offices
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N/A, N/A, Spain