Diaz-Paunetto Architects

Diaz-Paunetto Architects

Architects from San Juan, Puerto Rico
We beleive in architecture's capacity to attend society's everyday problems and its ability to project the world we want to live in. At the same time, architecture has to address issues of adaptation and transformation in a constantly evolving society where people's lifestyles are continuously changing.

We believe in architecture as a manifestation of human aspirations grounded in a conscious effort to preserve our limited resources. These limitations of resource, economic or natural, apply not only to our clients but to our society as a whole. We believe that both good design and profitability should go by the hand. Good architecture is inherently ecological and can also be a tool for social change and economic growth. Our passion for what we do is greatly derived from architecture's ability to positively affect people's quality of life.

We believe architecture to be more than a practice or a profession. Architecture is also a vocation and discipline, where history, skills, theories, and innovation are intrinsic of the process. A vocation and discipline interacting with its evolving circumstances and surroundings.
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