Dickson Hung Organization Design Consultants

Dickson Hung Organization Design Consultants

Architects from Hong Kong
Dickson Hung Organization Design Consultants relies on the geographical advantage that Hong Kong is a place for cutting-edge design to provide customers with one-stop professional design service. Since the establishment of DHA International Design Alliance in 2008, a series of representative design projects have been completed in several cities in China. DHA's business scope includes sales center, club, show flat, hotel, office building, villa and main commercial shopping center.

DHO's Advantages:
1. Mr. Hung has more than 30 years of experience in interior design. He founded Dickson Hung Associates Design Consultants in 1998, and Shenzhen Dickson Hung Interior Design Co., Ltd. in 2001. With an international professional vision, DHO makes good use of the latest design elements at home and abroad, plus its innovative ideas and dedication to each project, providing different design concepts for owners.

2. DHA International Design Alliance was established by Mr. Hung in 2008, which gathers world-class designers who came from Italy, GBBN, G70, JB and others. They cooperated on design projects and finished a number of excellent art design works that show different culture characteristics.

3. Through hundreds of projects and works, our company has gained a good reputation in the industry, and has been recognized by many well-known customers at home and abroad and built a long-term strategic partnership with them.

4. In order to ensure the quality of project implementation, we have strict demands regarding project details. We pursue perfection, advocate an integrated service system of interior design, decoration and realization. Our consistent purpose of a long-term cooperation with customers is to reduce project cost and save design time, thereby increasing the value of project and maximizing ROI for owners.