Diogo Aguiar
Diogo Aguiar

Diogo Aguiar

Architects from -, Portugal
Diogo Aguiar was born in Oporto, Portugal, in 1983.
He graduated in Architecture at Oporto University School of Architecture in 2008.
In 2006 he studied at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under an exchange program. The following year he joined the dutch team of UNStudio, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 2009/2010, he worked with the studio ADPJMA in Lisbon, Portugal.
His first built project, a temporary bar in Oporto, has been widely published since the beginning of 2010 when he founded LIKEarchitects together with Arch. Teresa Otto.
In April of the same year LIKEarchitects won the Bairro Criativo competition with their project Bus Stop Simbiosys built in late May.
In June 2010 he was Visiting Professor at CEDIM Summer Stars'10 giving a course on temporary structures.
Diogo has also written articles for national publications.