dnd by Martinelli
dnd by Martinelli

dnd by Martinelli

Today, Dnd is an International benchmark for the manufacturing of quality and design-oriented handles

The story of Dnd began more than fifty years ago, in 1968, arising from the ancient and strong craft and industrial dedication which has its strong roots in Val Sabbia, in the province of Brescia. This is an area with centuries of material knowledge, especially in the steel industry – one of Europe’s major hubs of this industry.

A forge at the service of ideas

Over time, the company evolved and focused on developing and increasing production, by renewing its production processes and specialising in the process and finish of new and different metals for handle production, such as zamak and aluminium, in addition, of course, to brass.

Today, Dnd is managed by Vilma Martinelli together with her son Pietro and daughter Simona: they imagine Dnd as a forge of ideas able to combine the long manufacturing experience gathered over time with the creativity of experienced and respected architects and designers who are duly involved  in  the design of the products.

A new art direction

Since 2017, Dnd appointed Giulio Iacchetti as its art director: a very talented industrial designer, involved      in the development of the catalogue, the strategy, the selection of designers and consultants to be involved.

An important assignment, thanks to which Dnd intends  to carry on, spending the utmost care and attention, with the growth path that makes it increasingly present in the world of home design.

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