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Domus Architects is a twenty-five year old firm founded by Domenic Meffe in 1986. The firm came to be as a result of a profound desire to redefine the profession. Domus� founder envisioned a professional firm that provided real value and leadership. As most professions were obsessed with guarding against liability, by providing �options� rather than �recommendations�, Domus was busy, not only making recommendations and embracing change, but leading it. Through a number of in-house programs such as: Continuing Education, Peer Learning and being actively engaged with a broad range of industry organizations and programs, Domus is continuously evolving, growing, and providing leadership through innovation and ability.

Domus Architects came to be as a�result of an idea, but like all ideas it needed good people to make it happen. In 1989 two additional senior Architects were invited to join the firm. Mustafa Master, a graduate from the University of Carleton and winner of the prestigious RAIC Canadian Gold Medal for studies in Architecture. And Peter Chu, a graduate of the University of Toronto, with experience in large scale international projects. Domus Architects is a proven leader in construction expertise, and is often called upon by the professional associations of Canada and the United States to provide expertise and leadership to professional colleagues. Furthermore, Domus shares a unique relationship with Canada�s Premier Architect, namely Arthur Erickson, the first Canadian to be awarded the World Gold Metal for Architecture in 1986.�

Today the firm has evolved to become an award winning firm with two local partners, as well as a Hong Kong office, up to thirty staff members and international clientele. Our projects�vary from the very typical to the very exclusive, such as; over 100 Taco Bells, the very prestigious Saudi Arabia Embassy and Residence in Ottawa, an award winning school in Newmarket, and many hospital renovations. Our projects range from small institutional renovation of $200,000 to larger scale projects of as much as $50 million; with an overall experience that totals over $300 million.
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