Drost + van Veen architecten
Drost + van Veen architecten

Drost + van Veen architecten

Drost + van Veen architects is a successful architectural practice in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with a large and varied portfolio. Originating from two ambitious architects, Drost + van Veen architects still has a strong and forthgoing attitude which over the past 20 years has expanded to a middle sized office with a broad expertise. 'We design tangible architecture in innovative forms, as clear answers to complex architectural situations.' Drost + van Veen’s buildings are characterised by: their strong relations with the environment, cohesive adjustments to the existing context and pronounced usage of contrasts. With each commission Drost + van Veen architects searches for apparent contractions through transforming recognizable familiarities to contemporary forms. These variables, together with precise detailing in contrasting materials, allow Drost + van Veen architects to find inventive spatial solutions and innovative constructions that produce architecture with a strong identity. 'Design is thought and decision. We strive for a stable, decisive and visual process.' Each commission and client is unique for us. A close communication with clients creates decisive decision-making and execution. The search for solutions in the design process allows unseen possibilities not to be overlooked. This idea forming process is visualized through means of sketch and model making. Each phase of the design process is documented in a summarized book form. 'An intensive dialog and a good relationship with the client is a prerequisite for an optimal design process. Drost + van Veen architects are, therefore, involved from beginning to end with every project.'
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