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Surfaces for architecture

Dvne® is a Peraluman aluminum surface, having a peculiar texture, designed for internal and external coverings.
Produced in 3 mm thick sheets of anodized aluminum it is characterised by a particular surface grain obtained mechanically during cutting. It is this very structure – protected by copyright – which is Dvne’s secret, as thanks to this the material is enriched with surprising effects when in contact with light.

The quality and the intensity of the colours and reflections transforms depending on the light density, direction and characteristics, and also based on the angle of observation of the same surface.

So Dvne® is a mutable surface, apparently perpetually changing, which makes it ever more luminous, dark, pronounced, lucid, opaque.
The texture also has surprising tactility: the slightly irregular surface gives a sensation of warm, human matter. An aspect constantly changing, in a constant interaction with light and from the point of observation.

The chosen aluminum alloy guarantees excellent workability. Dvne® can be cut into any shape, permitting the realization of complex modular compositions, mosaics, patterns, jointed designs, or large scale single surfaces. These characteristics make Dvne® particularly versatile for the covering of decorative, to be walked on, or architectural surfaces.
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