Manufacturers from Via Sernaglia, 76, Pieve di Soligo, Province of Treviso, Italy
Back in 1989 sliding doors had a very bad reputation, mainly justified, based on old fashioned systems of tracks hand-built into walls. They were often noisy and wobbly, they jumped off the tracks and had sticky sliding actions – sliding doors were really only used when there was no alternative, they were never considered to be a positive design feature.

In 1989 in a factory near Treviso in northern Italy, a company called Eclisse was born, with an idea, a concept and a mission to change all of that… the success was immediate.

The key to this success was an innovative pocket sliding door system completely integrated in design and operation that meant it was strong, easy to fit and eliminated all of the problems of the old systems. The Eclisse system initiated a complete re-think of the use of sliding doors by designers and architects. And, if you’ll forgive the pun, the Eclisse system opened up doors for them by making more usable space in any project, maximising floor area with no compromise in design. In the intervening years this success brought distribution throughout the world with sales in more than 50 countries and made Eclisse the worlds largest manufacturer of these integrated systems.

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