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Consultants from London - Dubai - Bucarest, United Arab Emirates
Eco Future Labs FZE, is a privately held company run by British Technicians and scientists based in Dubai UAE and London, and is focused on the research, development and commercialization of emerging next-generation alternative and renewable energy technologies.

Energy saving Light systems
Solar Powered Air Conditioning
Surface Thermal build up Coatings
BIPV systems
Energy Audit on Buildings
Energy saving systems for Buildings

Among our current research and development activities is the development of the first-of-its-kind :-

ThermaV ETG™ is an innovative new Thermophotonics solar energy system that allows you to capture and use more of the sun's energy than a basic solar electric ("PV") system.
The ThermaV ™ is a renewable energy device which converts heat, not only light, from just about any source not only from visible but also the Ultra Violet, and Infrared radiation of the sun and coverts is directly into Electricity.
The ThermaV ™ is a solid-state module similar in appearance to the photovoltaic (PV) modules currently used to convert radiant and diffused light into electricity.

ThermaSolV Window™ technology, which enables see-thru windows to generate electricity by 'coating' the glass surfaces with Eco Future Labs FZE electricity-generating coatings.

We are also developing KINZI - KEGS ™ energy harvesting technologies to generate sustainable electricity by capturing the excess kinetic energy produced by the estimated 250 million cars, trucks, buses, and heavy commercial vehicles which drive more than 6 billion miles each day on our nation's roadways.
Eco Future Labs FZE 's engineering teams are collating and evaluating data from a suspension bridge in Europe with a view to installing prototypes and durability testing our first-generation KINZI - KEGS ™ energy harvesters.

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