ecoid architects pte ltd
ecoid architects pte ltd

ecoid architects pte ltd

Architects from Singapore, Singapore Architects and Design Consultancy is a multi-disciplinary architectural practice that has been established since1996. “The firm is one of Singapore’s best known practices for stylish hospitality and residential work” (Hinge Magazine). Driven by the imagination of founding partners Sim Boon Yang and Calvin Sim, the company has captured international repute with award winners such as the Metropolitan in Bangkok, the first W resort in the Maldives and Naumi Singapore. On the horizon are new cutting-edge residential projects in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, i.e. Clearwater Residences and Bluwater Estate as well as residences in Singapore for Hayden Properties, such as the Hamilton at Scotts. In just over a decade, the firm now has projects in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Dubai, Brunei, China and Zanzibar.

The firm comprises 106 employees, is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Bangkok and Guangzhou, China. It has been ISO 9001-compliant since July 2001. In early 1997, Consulting Ltd was established as a corporate vehicle for projects outside Singapore. Their completed projects have been extensively published in design books, magazines such as the American Architectural Digest and covered by the broadcast media.
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