Elton + Léniz
Natalia Vial
Elton + Léniz

Elton + Léniz

Architects from Santiago, Chile

Since 1993, Elton+Leniz Arquitectos has developed a long list of Works in a independent way, with a different kind of associated artist, architects and designers.
Among their works, Elton+Leniz has developed different projects like objects and furnitures, expositions, commercial spaces, interiorism, unifamiliar and colective houses, offices, urban landscaping, educational buildings and more.
Award as “Emergent Office” for the Architects Office Association (AOA), Chile, 2008

The partners are Mirene Elton and Mauricio Leniz.
Mirene Elton
Architect, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, 1996
Master of Science (Built Enviroment), London University, 2001

Mauricio Leniz
Architect, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, 1997

The most important works are:
1996, Pirihueico House
Pirihueico Lake, Chile
1st place at XI Panamerican Biennale, Quito, 1998

1996, Mima Chair
Selected for the 96’ Design Biennale, Chile

1999, Long Chair
1st place Masterplac Design Competition, 1999

2004, Social Houses
Ancud, Chile
2nd place at Social Houses Competition, Architecture Biennale Chile, 2004

2005, Sincubierta Table
Award at ChileDiseño, 2005

2007, Concepcion House
Concepcion, Chile
Selected for the 2010 Chilean Biennale

2010, Ranco House
Ranco Lake, Chile

2011, Chilevision (TV channel)
Santiago, Chile
1st place in private competition, 2008