Emaillerie Belge
Emaillerie Belge

Emaillerie Belge

Manufacturers from 1190 Forest, Brussels, Belgium
Emaillerie Belge, founded in 1923, started with a main focus on household products and later-on evolved towards enamelled advertisement. This was a major success until the 60’s, when the enamel industry fell in a recession. In 1957 à new law on publicity defined a large limitation on publicity panels along public roads.

Therefore many companies had to close their doors whereby Emaillerie Belge remained as the only producing enamel company within the Benelux.

After the limitation of publicity end the 50’s, the company started working on other materials as well such as aluminium and neon lighting.

Later on, in the early 90’s it evolved back to its niche market where handwork and top quality are the absolute priority.

Thanks to its great knowledge of the industry and its craft, Emaillerie Belge kept standing till today.

In 2016 the company was taken over by 2 young entrepreneurs, who were eager to find new ways to integrate enamel. This new wind led towards the development of new markets such as architecture, design and art.

Today the company continuously develops new techniques, materials and colours.

With its team of 10 people and almost 100 years’ experience within the industry, Emaillerie Belge meets the needs for every design.
1 office
Emaillerie Belge Headquarters
1190 Forest, Brussels, Belgium

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