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EMKWADRAT Architekci

EMKWADRAT Architekci

Architects from Wiślanego Nurtu 33, Warszawa, Poland
EMKWADRAT Architekci was founded in 2003 by architects Anna Irek and Marcin Irek, graduates of the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Warsaw.

EMKWADRAT Architekci is responsible for the creation of projects of architecture and interior design, both for commercial premises, such as shops, showrooms and offices, as well as the interiors of houses and private apartments. Architects offer their clients their professional support at every stage of the project – from the phase of concept to execution, and the scope of activities is determined individually according to the customer's expectations.

In their work they are guided by the idea that the human surrounding has a profound effect on his mood, behavior and relationships with others, and the interior properly designed in every detail stimulates desired actions.

For EMKWADRAT Architekci the most important point of reference is human with his personality, dreams, goals and needs – they are the most important framework for their architectural imagination. Projects of EMKWADRAT Architekci are the essence of creativity combined with many years of experience, skillful use of modern materials and technology, and universal style that takes the best of the latest trends.

The portfolio of EMKWADRAT Architekci includes realizations, projects for brands such as Vision Express, Orange, Menbur, Karina, Atlantic, Bergson, Cersanit, and numerous individual designs for private clients.
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