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Espero BV

Espero BV

Manufacturers from Sluisweg 26-28, Waalwijk, Netherlands
Espero creates the world's most flexible and attractive mobile wall solutions for prestigious projects. With our mobile wall systems, rooms can be temporarily partitioned, enlarged or reduced in size to create practical multifunctional spaces that enhance a building. Our mobile wall systems are everywhere – from 5 sliding panels in a community centre in Groningen to 100 panels in an exhibition hall in Jordan.

With our continually expanding product assortment, we can endlessly vary the functionality, sound insulation characteristics and appearance of our systems. In some cases, a building is truly remarkable and we tirelessly apply all our knowledge and experience until we find the optimal solution. Take a look at some of our national and international projects on our website.

Go visit our website for more inside information about Espero, folow us on social media or contact us by telephone: +31 (0)416 338955.
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Espero BV Waalwijk
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Sluisweg 26-28, Waalwijk, Netherlands
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Espero BV
Sluisweg 26-28, Waalwijk, Netherlands
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