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Esra Lemmens

Esra Lemmens

Esra Lemmens, founder and director of ' The Esra Lemmens agency', is a designer, author, and lecturer. After receiving degrees in Fine Arts and in Design, she focused on developing her own career path as well as collaborations with several designers. She then focused on a growing phenomenon in the design world and distilled her own philosophy into her book titled 'Conceptual Commercialism Commercial Conceptualism', in which she describes the future interface between conceptual designers and commercial companies. She now leads an agency with a unique and exclusive objective: coaching upcoming freelance designers to realize their full potential and assisting them in positioning themselves and their products according to the 4'C's in 'CC-CC'. Her background in Arts and Design enhances her ability to connect with her clients in order to fully understand their needs. She can then represent them in a unique way, as well as appropriately customize their collaboration with studios, platforms, events, et cetera.
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