Estudio Báltico
Estudio Báltico

Estudio Báltico

Designers from n/a, Madrid, Spain
Ruth Uve ( Madrid, 1978) founded 2014 her Madrid based studio. She works on a wide range of commissioned and self initiated projects. Her work has always revolved around a need to play with material, color, and geometrical shapes. Showing the essence of an object or technique. Furthermore she keeps in mind that humans are sensible beings and as such, her designs needs to be poetic, beautiful and speak to our emotions. An emotional relation to objects helps decreasing massive human consumption.

“To be able to make new improvements in the world of today I believe in observing our past and our everyday surrounding and create new ways of using and find innovative solutions”.

To reach a lasting beauty, every detail counts.
Subjectivity is the only realistic condition.
When designing, it is integral to consider the mental and physical implications of our creations.
To be really innovative we need to keep an eye into our past. Materials, constructions methods and needs.
We are surrounded by an array of beautiful things.
Innovations often decrease our personal abilities.