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Eterno Terrazzo

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Eterno Terrazzo BV, novel flooring in style

Until recently terrazzo flooring appeared well-nigh priceless. Eterno Terrazzo has made the difference by combining traditional terrazzo skills with the latest concrete technologies: whereas a terrazzo worker just manages to apply 20 m2 a day, Eterno Terrazzo easily makes 400 m2, thus providing an economic alternative without sacrifices to the floor’s appearance. Customers can choose from roughly fourty readily available supplement materials, such as marble, granite or glass in various aggregate classes to be mixed in one out of sixteen standard concrete colours. The vast number of combinations allows architects to design the exact floor matching the projected atmosphere. This also applies to surface finishing like roughness and gloss. Characteristics, such as high quality, durability and stylish appearance besides speedy application and easy maintenance, make application of terrazzo flooring within reach of a wide group of customers. Together we’ll compose the floor, which will be your floor forever!

Basics of Eterno Terrazzo

Reinforced or plain homogeneous mixture of fine or coarsely aggregated material, cement, water and if required additional colours or other supplements.

Industrial production

A smart combination of traditional terrazzo skills with modern concrete technology allows the realization of large scale surface areas within a short period of time against competitive prices, without giving in to quality. The novelty of Eterno Terrazzo floors is acknowledged by winning the Innovation award presented at the 2006 edition of the Floor Total Exhibition. In cooperation with Hiddensafety a luminescent aggregate has been developed especially for terrazzo flooring, which accordingly is adopted as ‘Eterno Luminoso’. This feature complies with the concept of ‘Hidden Safety’, refering to an evacuation guidance, which is only noticed at light failure. Unobtrusive at light, Eterno Luminoso, blends well with interior design, unlike commonly used floor markings. Especially in public buildings, such as (subway)stations, hotels and hospitals, where visitors are often unaware of emergency exits, Eterno Luminoso may enhance evacuations while mitigating panic.

The beauty of Eterno Luminoso as evacuation guidance

According regulations escape routes are indicated by commonly known pictograms located above emergency exits. However, during a fire and subsequent light failure such sparsely placed pictograms are no gurantee in locating the exits. As smoke accumulates at the ceiling life saving pictograms become obscured. Moreover, under such conditions people tend to intuitively watch the floor. Hence, Eterno Luminoso may substantially enhance the effectivity of present signage. Besides the obligatory pictograms, also regarded as a mere juridical compliance, facility managers may like to consider Eterno Luminoso as additional measure, which could actually reduce potential injuries of grateful visitors. As esthetical safety measure, Eterno Luminoso meets the intentions of architects, not willing to make concessions to an original design, thus adding an extra dimension to a notable project.

Eterno Lumineo

In addition to the Luminoso variant, Eterno Lumineo is developed. This terrazzo type provides strikingly decorative effects. The special aggregate remain practically unnoticed in the terrazzo floor under normal conditions. However, when illuminated by blacklight spectacular light effects brightly colours the floor. As such Eterno lumineo may be applied for pure decorative purposes, such as theaters, discoteques or cinema’s. Additionally, however, Eterno lumineo may also prove to be extremely useful for people with limited eyesight by substantially improving floor markings. Eterno Lumineo is presently available in a few different colours.
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