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The Company RCR was founded as persons company association (snc) in 1986, assembling and selling shoes containers, and other products range that expands and evolves over time. The company, which operates mainly in the domestic market, enters in its development as a supplier in the large organized distribution, where is still present with high economic performance. Born as a craft, the company grew up and in 2001 becomes a capital company (srl).

The evolution continues with the introduction of new products (bathroom’s furniture), which brings a significant increase in turnover and new customers, and loyalty of existing ones.
In anticipation of European unification, and in order to improve coverage in the area, the Company differentiates and customizes products and business proposals on different target-prices, aimed at specialized in the sale of equipment hydro and thermo sanitary.
The gradual and continuous development has led the Company to hold a leading role in the business landscape in Italian bathroom furniture, so that the Company becomes representative for the study area, located between the first twenty companies producing bathroom furniture’s in Italy.
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