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Founded in 1988, Everest Textile is an R&D oriented and vertically integrated textile manufacturer that specializes in yarn spinning, twisting, weaving, dyeing, finishing, printing, coating, laminating and special finishing. Everest develops and supplies high value-added and innovative products to global leading brands in sports, outdoor, city, casual and industrial materials etc. Currently Everest has three production plants in Taiwan, Shanghai and Bangkok, and more then 10 sales & marketing offices in major cities of the world ( ex. New York, San Francisco, Paris, Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing, Honk Kong, Tokyo and Osaka etc.)

Over a period of 20 years Everest established a high upstream, midstream and downstream innovative technology entry barrier ranging from fashion garments (shirts, dresses, thin woven fabric for female garments) to suits and outer garments.10 years ago Everest moved into the sportswear market, cooperating with Nike, Adidas and other international brands in the development of sweat repelling, waterproof and anti-UV thin functional fabrics, and also established a materials laboratory. Everest also applied fashion garment concepts to sportswear, making sportswear more fashionable.

In 2003, Everest moved into the sportswear market, establishing the Everest Technology Research Center and developing high unit price functional fabric coating and laminating technology, moving from textile physics to textile chemistry, and beginning to develop various kinds of coating material. The entire textile industry has gradually changed from traditional industry to high-tech industry, bringing about the upgrading of the whole textile industry.

Everest joined the Southern Taiwan Textile Research Alliance in 2007, using different industry alliances and industry-government-academia resource to generate more innovative R&D energy. In May this year Everest received bluesign certification, becoming the first Asian company to win certification for laminated fabric. This testifies to Everest’s continuing efforts to achieve sustainability by upholding the strict five Bluesign principles :resource productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational health and safety since officially becoming a bluesign partner in 2008.

In the future we will go into the community and assist with improving the community environment, with creating the deep economy Everest's next stage objective.
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